Can You Help Leo?


We are looking for a long-term foster home for our lovely Leo. He has a chronic health complaint which is preventing us from re-homing him. It is controlled by medication and is not contagious. We desperately want him to have a home environment to live in, and are willing to cover any future medical costs if someone will look after him and give him a loving home. Please talk to us if you want to help.



All of the dogs below are looking for foster homes, some of them have been with us for a long time others do not adjust to a kennel environment.  All costs of caring for them are covered by APAH.  If you have the time to care for one of our beautiful dogs please contact Natasha on 616210850 or alternatively contact us at

Stanley is 5 and a half.  He was abandoned when he was 5 days old, he was left at the kennel gates in a plastic basket with his 6 brothers and his sister. All the puppies had terrible burns on the bottom of their paws. After some TLC and many sleepless night all the puppies made a full recovery.  At 3 months Stanley was rehomed with his brother.  Unfortunately after 2 years Stanley and his brother had to find a new home as his owners could no longer look after him and his brother. They very quickly found a new home with another small dog, Stanley and his brother were very happy but the smaller dog continuously attacked Stanley until one day Stanley could not take it anymore and bit the other dog.  After 3 years in his new home Stanley was looking for another home.  He came to live with us at the kennels but he became very stressed and cried almost everyday. Stanley is desperate to find a loving forever home, someone to care for him so he never needs to move again.