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Indie is 2 years old, she was found in a bin when she was just 4 days old with her brothers and sisters, they had been put in a plastic bag that was half full of water, they were all suffering from hyperthermia.  We took them home and kept them warm, clean and feed them every 2 hours, unfortunately a little boy and a little girl died but we saved Indie and her brother and sister.


Indie is a chow staff cross, her tongue is totally blue, she is a beautiful little girl, she is very clean in her kennel and is a joy to walk.  Indie just wants someone to love, she is happy to sit with you and never wants you to leave her.  Indie was re-homed when she was just 4 months but her owners were unable to keep her so she has come back to live with us. She has now found another home, her new owners will take her on holiday soon, we will all miss her as she was such a lovely little girl.

Bengi is a year old, he was found wandering in Playa Flamenca. He was in very good condition and we think he may just be lost. He is very friendly and loves to be fussed. He has now been re-homed.

Lisa is 4 years old, a pedigree Boxer, she was found in a terrible condition, she was very thin and had been extremely mistreated. She was taken to a foster home to be looked after. She now looks beautiful, you can no longer see all her ribs and her coat is thick and shiny. Lisa is very energetic and loves to lick you. She is a very happy little girl and shows no signs of her neglect. Lisa has been re-homed to a lovely family, the little boy has said that she can sleep on his bed, she will be very happy.

Benny is a year old, a pedigree Shar-Pei . He had been seen wandering in Campoverde but then made his way on to the busy road. He was in very good condition when found and no problem to catch. He fitted in very well and was no trouble at all. He was only with us for 2 weeks before finding a home.

Rusty is a year and a half old, he came to us when his owner died very suddenly.  He had been with us for over a year and had never got on well in a kennel environment.  He was thin and never seems to put any weight on.  He was blood tested and all come back negative, his vet said that it is down to stress.  He barked constantly in his kennel but when let out he was an angel, he just wanted to be with someone and know that he was never going to be left alone again. Rusty has now been re-homed and has a family that will love him.

Bowie is 16 weeks old he was found wandering in Los Alcazares.  He has one blue eye and one brown. He is full of life constantly running around. He was homed today 03/01/2012 with his new family, good luck Bowie.

Caroline is 8 months old.  She was found by the side of the road, her companion was already dead but she stayed with her.  The kind people that found her wanted to keep her but due to personal circumstances could not. She was with her foster family for only 3 weeks before finding a permanent home with 2 other friends. Her new family have re-named her Daisy. 


Shan is 3 years old, he is a very large German shepherd cross. He had been seen wandering in Torremendo for many days, he was a little thin but full of life. He was taken to Petsworld by the people that found him, but unfortunately he was not micro-chipped, so APAH had him blood tested, vaccinated and micro-chipped and took him to their kennels for re-homing.  He spent 3 weeks with us and then we received a call from a man asking if we had a very large German Shepherd, he had lost him in Torremendo a month ago and had been desparately looking for him.  He was reunited with his owner yesterday 07/10/2011, Shan was extremely pleased to see him. We wish all our stories turned our like this one, please micro-chip your dogs it is the law.  If APAH had not been able to take him, he would of gone to a municipal dog pound and may not of been here today, many of the dog pounds in Spain only have to keep any stray dog or cat for 10 days.