What is APAH?

The Asociacion Protectora De Animales Horadada (A.P.A.H.) became a Registered Association in 2000. We receive no official funding, and carry on our work through money raised in our two charity shops in Pilar de la Horadada and San Miguel de Salinas, donations and fund raising events.


Our shops are our life blood. We are always looking for volunteers who can give up a little of there free time to help us continue our rescuing of these very needy animals.


Our cattery is bursting at the seams with cats and kittens who need our loving care.  If you can spare a little of your free time, and you are a cat lover, we can find a space that suits you.


Some of our animals are rescued from terrible conditions and in a pitiful state.  Some are confused and traumatised because their owners and families have abandoned them to a uncertain future. There is nothing more rewarding than to look into the eyes of an animal who has been given a second chance at life and a reason to go on living.  


All our dogs are micro-chipped, vaccinated and neutered (when old enough), all our cats are vaccinated and neutered (when old enough) dogs and cats who are rescued by us are never euthanised, unless we are advised by a vet that we have no alternative. If an animal rescued by us is not adopted into a new home, as long as A.P.A.H. exsists, it has a home with us. To date we have re-homed in the region of 2000 cats and dogs.


Urgent Appeals


This section is for dogs and cats that have been with us for a long time, they are desparate to find someone to love and care for them, some of them have spent nearly their whole lives with us.



All our work is funded by public generosity, so if you love cats and dogs please make a donation today.