All of these dogs and cats have either been abandoned and given up by their owners they thought they could trust, neglected, abused or found wandering the streets, all of them deserve a chance of a loving home, for some it will be a second chance, for others their first home.


There are many advantages of obtaining a cat or dog from a rescue centre not least that it is a compassionate thing to do, you are helping an animal that has probably had a bad experience.


Please remember that pet ownership should not be taken lightly, it takes time, money, commitment and patience, owning a pet is likely to change your life.


All our cats and dogs are taken on a trial period to see if they fit in with your family, if for any reason you find that you or your dog or cat are unhappy they are always welcome to return, they have already been abandoned once and we never want this to happen again.


The cats and dogs below have been with us for a long time they are desperate to find a loving home, some of them are old, some have been with us since they were tiny puppies / kittens.


Have you ever thought of fostering long term to help a dog or cat re-adjust back into a home life, if you feel you can give any of our cats and dogs below a temporary home please contact us, more information can be found under Urgent Appeals.



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