Dylan's Story

Dylan is a 5 year old, beautiful Belgian Shepherd X.  He was found on the side of the road near Rebate, he was very dehydrated with a huge wound to the whole of his back area. Dylan had almost given up and never attempted to move when approached.  He was filthy dirty and in a terrible state.  He was taken to the vets but his wound was so severe that he had to be sedated for it to be cleaned.


Dylan has the most wonderful jet black coat, his wound has now healed and his fur has started to grow back but he has been left with a terrible fear of small spaces, when he was first put in his kennel he constantly span round and round damaging his tail and eye.  He constantly injures himself if left alone for long periods but is the kindest most gentle little boy, he just wants someone to love and someone to love him back. Our dog trainer thinks he was kept in a small cage this would explain his behavior. 


Dylan has now found a permanent home, he goes for walk everyday and loves to play on the beach.  His new owners tell us that he hardly ever spins round and his tail is healing well.  We hope to have some pictures of Dylan in his new home soon.