This poor little boy was found by a charity volunteer in the campo between the villages of Rocmora and Sox.  The passer-by thinks he may of been there for a week.  What cruel and evil person could of inflicted such pain and terror on a defenseless animal. 


We are asking people to add these pictures to their Facebook and send them to as many people as possible, we are hoping that someone will recognise him or know who has carried out such cruelty.


This is not an isolated case, every year when the hunting season finishes thousands of greyhounds and hunting dogs are killed in this way. I am told that the EU know of this and do nothing, why does that not surprise me. 


There are many penalties and fines within Spain for animal cruelty but very few people are prosecuted as animal welfare is not a big concern for the Authorities.  Fines can be up to 6000 Euros for badly injuring or killing an animal but are very rare.